About Us
INNOPHARMAX is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused in the development and commercialization of products for the treatment of oncology and specialty. We internally develop and/or acquire potential drug candidates for further clinical development as well as commercialization. We intend to use internally developed drug delivery technology platforms for improving the safety and efficacy of currently available drugs and providing better medical choices in these specific therapeutic areas. With strong formulation development techniques and unique global partnership strategy, we are committed to delivering superior products cost-effectively and meeting global quality standards to fulfill patients' needs.
  To become the leader in Asia in new drug and new dosage form development via formulation technology development.
Central Theme
To address the medical needs and to improve public health, INNOPHARMAX intends to commercialize internally developed and acquired products via sales & marketing partness and offer cost-effective medications to patients.
Business Strategy
  To develop and commercialize novel and effective drug delivery solutions for marketed drugs as well as promising new drug candidates.
Business Model
Company Brochure

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